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over 30 years
of crafting

In 1987, our first Bagel Nash bagel shop opened in Leeds. For over 30 years our expert, artisan bakers have been crafting our deli-style bagels and baking them to perfection.

The bagel story dates back to the 1600's where bagels were baked in Eastern Europe. Bagel recipes have travelled all the way around the globe to become established as one of the most popular bread products in the world.

Our bagels are created from unique recipes and are crafted with care to create bagels that are deliciously different. Bagel Nash bagels take 9 hours to perfect. Our bakers take time to create their recipes then leave our bagels to prove overnight. We then bake them slowly to give them their distinctive glossy outside and soft middle. We are a small bakery who only make bagels so we can really use our baking expertise and take our time to 'taste test' our bagels to ensure they are flawless when they leave us and make their way to you.

We hope you love our current four flavours and watch this space as we add more exciting flavour combinations to the range for even more Bagel Nash bagel choice!

Did you Know?

First Rolled

The first bagel is said to have been rolled in 1683

National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day is the 9th February

Toaster invented

The first automatic electric toaster was invented in 1926


Bagels were originally shaped as horse stirrups to honour brave horsemen

Meet the bagels...

Meet the bagels

Where are we

Golden Acre Bakery Ltd, 122 North Street, Leeds, LS7 1AF, UK

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Our Careline: 0113 293 0393

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