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child eating bagels


Great Ideas for Kids’ Breakfasts

Our winning bagel flavour and filling combinations promise an end to hungry tummies by the time you get to the school gates. Kids love our bagels just as much as grown-ups...and it means they aren’t looking for a snack fix from their lunchbox before they’re even reached their classroom. Choose your little one’s favourite filling to give them a happy and satisfying start to their day. And because the filling is inside our delicious bagels, with no drips or leaks, it is also a zero-mess way to feed your little people....you might even get two days' wear out of junior’s school shirt which makes for a happy start to your day too! 

Where are we

Bagel Nash Head Office, 122 North Street, Leeds, LS7 1AF, UK

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Our Careline: 0800 001 6829

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