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Meet the bagels...

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Good Mood Food

There's a Bagel Nash bagel and filling combination for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a savoury or sweeter treat, our deli-style bagels are so versatile they are guaranteed to hit the mark. The versatility of our bagels is not only that you can add a multitude of yummy fillings - but they are also a quick and convenient solution for a main meal or snack at any time. Our bagels look great, taste great and it’s so easy to create a winning filling combination in minutes so your taste buds and hunger pangs are both suitably satisfied! So swap the boring, routine sandwiches and instead break up your busy day with Bagel Nash bagels - round food for a good mood.  

Meet the bagels...

Meet the bagels

Where are we

Bagel Nash Head Office, 122 North Street, Leeds, LS7 1AF, UK

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Our Careline: 0800 001 6829

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