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Family Get Togethers

What’s round, can hold a variety of tasty fillings and creates delicious food with minimal fuss? That’s right...our delicious bagels! Bagels are the effortlessly efficient way to make your entertaining a smash hit. The only problem? Make sure you have enough – you don’t want the family to have to make do with boring bread sandwiches! And you have lots of amazing flavour combinations to try, with 4 deliciously different flavours in the Bagel Nash range, there is something for everyone. The filling flavour options are endless so you can try out your own exciting ideas or pinch a few winning fillings from our recipe section. www.bagelnash.com/pages/recipes.

Where are we

Bagel Nash Head Office, 122 North Street, Leeds, LS7 1AF, UK

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Our Careline: 0800 001 6829

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